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Questions about our kennel?


Here at Aladdin Kennels, we understand that sometimes there are a lot of questions involving our line of work, most of which involve our facilities, or how your pet will be looked after. Please browse through some of our most frequently asked questions to see if it will help your concerns. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us .

"My dog Luna has been here many times. I always know she will get the best care and a call if anything happens. My dog is on anti anxiety pills and I know she receives them on a timely manner."
- Donna G. - Bloomsbury NJ

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services do you provide, and for what type of animals?

Aladdin Kennels provides pet grooming services for dogs and cats, as well as pet boarding services for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and birds.

Do you use tranquilizers?

No, here at Aladdin Kennels we will never use tranquilizers on your pet.

My pet is scared of strangers, but I have to go out of town. What do I do?

Don't worry, there are many pets that are either scared of strangers or miss their owners when they are not around. We work very hard to ensure your pet is comfortable, safe, and happy. All of our workers are very familiar with pets and their personalities, and are used to earning each individual animal's trust. If you are really concerned, sometimes it's a good idea to bring familiar items from home such as a favorite soft toy, their bed, or a blanket they use.

My pet is special needs/requires medication, is your facility prepared?

We deal with a number of pets everyday, and we know that if a pet has a health problem it can be even more stressful having someone else look after them, for both owner and pet. If your pet has a health issue, please bring all medication(s), special food(s), and written instructions with you. We will ensure that your pet receives only the best care possible. We are completely committed to providing all pets with a safe haven while you are away, even if they have special needs.

My pet is not used to being kept in a kennel at home. Should I be worried about how he will feel?

Generally speaking, while most pets have the run of the house at home, they usually do fine within our establishment. Our kennels are extremely spacious, and we have lots of outdoor space. We will walk your pet as much as you want, play with them, and love them. You are more than welcome to stop in to check out our facilities beforehand, so you can feel at ease about what we have to offer.

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